Born 8:58 AM 25 September 1998

This Baby is out to get the attention of the whole big wide world!

It is Friday 19 July 19124.
Day 9284 of this tragic story.
Today Baby is 310 months and 11 days.
It is now Time  date Australian EST

This is the story about Jamie, a little 5 month old girl.
Frightened and Confused.

Jamie Beth Nugent born on 25 September 1998 at 8:58 AM in a fairly normal delivery.

Jamie weighed in at 7 and a half pounds (about 3400 grams).

Jamie's Mummy is 19 year old Marina and her Daddy is 25 year old Shaun.  Both very loving and caring parents who are very devoted to their daughter.

Marina tried desperately to breast feed her baby, but something was wrong.  The extremes from double breast pumping to every possible position eventually caused Marina to look to formula after three months.  Marina would do almost anything to restart breast feeding.

Although Marina and Shaun aren't yet married, they are engaged and looking forward to when they can finally settle down.  Sadly their plans have been interrupted by this tragic story.

It started on 11 February 1999 when Jamie suffered from a 15 minute seizure and was rushed to Batemans Bay Hospital by her parents.  The next day a CT Scan was arranged and the Radiologist called the Treating Doctor with his observations.

What was unknown to the parents, until now, was the discussion that took place.  The Radiologist states that a subdural Haematoma was found in Jamie's head.  

The Doctor ordered a full skeletal survey to be done much to the unhappiness of the parents. The Doctor explained that a Haematoma is caused by three and only three things:

  • A Severe car accident
  • A Blood Disorder
  • Shaken Baby.

Under NSW laws any suspicion of child abuse must be reported to the Department of Community Services, even if you don't have qualified evidence.  You are immediately earmarked as a Child Abuser and people in hospitals told to stay away from you.

The Doctor explained his obligations to the parents who were shocked to hear this.  They were more shocked to hear the Doctor was actually going to call the Department and report the matter.

That night the parents took Jamie to Westmead Children's hospital ...

where their troubles only got worse ....


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